Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Take the effort out of carton sealing, speed up your packing operation and improve the quality and strength of finish with this high speed automatic water activated tape dispenser. Suitable for plain and reinforced gummed paper tape up to 70mm wide, with a full electronic control system for optimum efficiency and superb reliability. The automatic button allows the operator to key in specific lengths to automatically dispense the next piece of tape, dramatically increasing productivity.

Programmable keys allow you to set the length of gummed paper tape dispensed, up to 3.05m at a time adjustable in 12.7mm increments and can automatically dispense lengths of packaging tape for H sealing cartons - thereby improving the quality and strength of goods despatched. Please specify if machine use is for standard or reinforced tape, this will be configured prior to delivery.

This sophisticated tape dispenser has a micro-processor based control system which improves reliability and allows it to be interfaced with PCs, printers, weighing scales, shipping systems, foot pedals and measuring devices. It also features an adjustable top heater which ensures superior tape adhesion, long life operation and the ability to use an extensive variety of tapes.

Proven to improve productivity and ergonomics at busy packaging workstations, this heavy duty electronic tape dispenser is the ideal solution if you're looking to improve the efficiency of your packing operation!

Phoenix E-4 Tape Dispenser

The most advanced tape dispenser ever made! Bar code and photo-eye technology ensure you get the right length of tape at the right time!

The Phoenix E-4 Evantage feeds, moistens, and cuts tape to the desired measurement for your box reducing labor, using less tape, and maximizing efficiency. Water activated tape creates a seal that is reliable against tampering or theft, and your packages look professionally sealed. Phoenix Tape Machines seal in any environment; extreme cold, humidity or dust. McDonald company built the E4 with the professional packager in mind, and were the first to introduce a fully PCB driven taper to the market. Now, we introduce the first custom incremental length unit.

  • Built in the USA
  • Program custom lengths
  • Optional Evolution printer add-on
  • Optional Handheld sensor integration
  • Photo eye for hands free tape dispensing
  • 1-touch dispensing of custom preset lengths
  • Fixed temperature heater
  • Self oiling cutter blades
  • Uniform three brush moistening system
  • Utility top cover for knives, markers, hand stampers, etc.

The Phoenix E-4 comes equipped with a level 3 brush moistening system that when combined with the Perfectemp© top heater gives the best seal in the industry.

This machine is an absolute workhorse with the added functionality of on-demand printing. Printing on your tape gives added security and to your cartons. A mounted printer gives your shipping department the ability to add key information or branding to any package at the touch of a button. For the ultimate in security; full customization at the touch of a button. Print single or double lines of code, ideal for date coding, batch identification, packer information, customer part and purchase order information.

The benefits of ink jet printing and water activated tape:

  • Custom Branding
  • Better Tracking
  • Efficient Shipping Communication
  • Increased Security

With traditional plastic or pressure sensitive tapes, shippers may use 4 to 6 pieces on each side of the box. Water activated tape requires one piece of tape on each side of your box. Water Activated Kraft Tape increase efficiency by reducing material and damaged boxes that lead to returns. The tape delivery system delivers evenly moistened tape with a smooth precise feed every time, so you can guarantee a professional sealed package.

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