U-Profile Edge Protector

Whether work tops, furniture doors, profiles or window frames: together with you, our customers, we at Angle Pack have developed a special protection for bulky goods. Our U-Profiles ensure that your individually packed goods are optimally protected during transport.

Our Solution For Bulky Goods

Simply clamped onto the edge of the furniture, door or work top, our U-Profiles spare you the trouble of further devices for attaching or removing. With inner widths of 8 to 200 mm, side lengths of 12 to 100 mm (dependent on the base side), wall thicknesses of 2 to 10 mm and lengths of 100 to 8,000 mm our U-Profiles provide effective edge protection for every requirement. Long objects, for example, such as aluminium rails or skirting boards can be protected safely with our U-Profiles.

For even more protection against hard knocks and permanent pressure through tightly stretched straps we also provide our U-Profiles with a soft inner lining of up to 3 mm thickness.

  • The padding glued on the edge of the U-profile helps to protect the protruding parts of goods.
  • Fits ideally to protect newly installed doorposts from scratches and hits during house construction.
  • With V cut in the middle, U- profile can be bent around edge for perfect protection.
  • U-profile with 45 degree endings helps to avoid overlaps.

Your Benefits

  • No superfluous packaging material.
  • Available in different material thicknesses and dimensions.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Can be imprinted with one or two colours.
  • Available optionally with inner lining of up to 3 mm thickness – upon request on all three sides or only on the base side.
  • Easy application through clamping effect.

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