Twist Ties

You can use these twist ties in any occasion , perfect for household (kitchen electronic cables, USB cables and computer cords on the desk), office tangle cords, unorganized drawer, messy cords in the backpack during travel, and you can also use them for closing the snack bags, tying the gift bags and use with anything you desire.

Get these twist ties for tangle and unorganized cords and the snack bags, they are easy to use - just a simple twist and you can use them as many times as you want because they are REUSABLE! They are made to last!

Premium Plastic Twist Ties

With rugged metal inner cores. These are the most popular size at 5 inches by 0.6 inches. They feel good in your hand, are flexible, and hold securely when twisted around cords, bags, or small items.

Fully Reusable

So you can use these twist ties over and over again for years. This is the eco-friendly choice that reduces waste and extra expense. These are extra durable with metal wire core that will not break or snap as with cheaper versions found elsewhere. We use premium materials that give better performance and will not deteriorate over time.

For Home, Business, Institutions

And anywhere you need top quality twist ties. They are great for organizing, sealing, holding items together, and for a wide variety of arts and crafts. They make excellent art projects for children in schools and day care centers.

Safe, Non-toxic, Odor Free

Ties are eco-friendly and pleasant to use. They contain no toxins, harsh chemicals, or hazardous impurities. They are an excellent choice for sealing plastic bags to preserve freshness in foods and cooking supplies. They work equally well for organizing cords under your desk for a neat, easier to clean area.


  • Nice plastic coating and strong wire inside, secure and flexible
  • Comes in 500pcs twist ties, each of them is 5" length, a perfect solution to get everything organized, like bread ties, reclosing food bags and tie up cords.
  • Many uses for any occasion, like using at home, office, travel, gardening, holiday presents or even on the go!
  • Nice plastic coating and strong wire inside, strong but flexible, easy to bent and do not fall apart with use.
  • Comes in 500pcs green twist ties, each of them is 5" in length.
  • Get these twist ties ready for organizing, they are decent enough and built to last, eco-friendly and reusable.

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