Thermal Pallet Covers

Pack Bazaar designs and manufactures Thermal Pallet Covers and Blankets for Pharma, Food, and Perishable goods. We worked closely with many Pharma Companies, Logistics Leaders and 3PL companies to understand their challenges in supply chain in order to developed our three grades(TC100, TC300, TC500) of Thermal Covers to overcome all the challenges face by them.

Thermal pallet covers are the most reliable pallet covers that shippers turn to when looking to minimize temperature excursions and maintain cold chain for Air & LTL shipments. We only use the best materials, and manufacturing techniques that optimize for heavy use and harsh environments. These pallet covers are also ideal for mixed shipments and less than truckload carriers. When only a few pallets need temperature protection, these covers are the ideal solution.

Reflective pallet covers help your cargo maintain a certain temperature throughout shipping. When products — and profits — are on the line, quality counts. Whether you’re looking for single-use reflective thermal pallet covers or reflective insulated pallet covers that can be used more than once, you want a product that:

  • Reduces temperature exchange
  • Provides high reflectivity
  • Is water-resistant
  • Provides freeze protection

Our comprehensive range of reflective, thermally-insulated covers is another part of the Pack Bazaar jigsaw that helps guard temperature-sensitive products against every conceivable eventuality in the transportation process.

Apart from providing the protection you might expect from damage, dust, rain, moisture and contamination, our thermal covers slow down temperature exchange. They guard against short spikes that can threaten temperature integrity and product efficacy, often prevalent in loading and off-loading, cross docking and adverse warehouse conditions.

Pack Bazaar insulated thermal covers allow more time for your products to move between risk points in the supply chain, permitting them to be transported or stored temporarily during logistical operations carried out in an uncontrolled temperature atmosphere.

Manufactured from a range of protective insulation materials to suit performance and budget, our portfolio comprises covers that give high-performance thermal protection across all modes of transport. Each innovative solution is geared to align with GDP regulations, minimise environmental impact and reduce stock wastage.

As pioneers in materials technology, we carefully select our solutions to best serve your performance and logistical needs. Our experienced management teams assist with all the different thermal considerations inherent in load mass, product mass, packaging configuration, sunlight differentials, windchill and exposure. We can provide risk analysis supported by an extensive library of hot, cold and sunlight performance test data. And we are able to supply what you need via our strategically located sites in the Americas, Europe, India and Asia Pacific.

Improve The Productivity Of Your Warehouse With Our Wide Range Of Thermal Pallet Covers

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 500 in Bangalore

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 500

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 300 in Bangalore

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 300

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Thermal Pallet Covers TC 200

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 100 in Bangalore

Thermal Pallet Covers TC 100