Thermal Pallet Covers TC 300

Thermal Pallet Covers TC300 are the most reliable pallet covers that shippers turn to when looking to minimize temperature excursions and maintain cold chain for Air & LTL shipments. We only use the best materials, and manufacturing techniques that optimize for heavy use and harsh environments. These pallet covers are also ideal for mixed shipments and less than truckload carriers. When only a few pallets need temperature protection, these covers are the ideal solution.

Thermal Pallet Cover TC300, is the most reliable and effective solution for temperature stability, protects cargo from Freeze and Heat. Made of an outer shell heavy-gauge woven polyethylene that is heat sealed to a poly coated aluminum foil for ultra-durability combined with a low conductive synthetic core, hollow fibers creating a tough thermal barrier. This attention to durability and quality, makes the Thermal Pallet Cover TC300 a true sustainable alternative and gives shippers the assurance that the blanket’s insulating qualities remain consistent. For the winter, TC300 thermal pallet covers work to trap the warmth so the product temperature remains stable and above freezing for longer periods of time. In the summer, the foil layer is optimized to reflect the sunlight and minimize temperature excursions e.g. when a pallet is offloaded from a plane and is sitting on the tarmac.

Pallet Covers Features

Thermal Pallet Covers in Bangalore
  • Maintain cold chain
  • Protection against Freeze / Heat / Moisture
  • Various grades and thicknesses
  • Reflects solar radiation
  • Water resistant
  • Reduces temperature exchange
  • Tamper evident security barrier
  • Minimal storage requirements
  • Security/theft protection
  • Protects during cross docking operations
  • Sustainable & durable
  • Life span: +10yrs
  • Added value to your existing fleet


Thermal Pallet Blankets in Bangalore
  • Material: Dual sided metalized, woven material
  • Size: 1200 x 1000 mm , 1000 x 800 mm
  • Model No: TC300
  • Thickness: Greater Than 0.4 mm
  • Reflectivity: Over 95%

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