Thermal Inkjet Coders

With a thermal inkjet coder, you can print high resolution text, graphics and barcodes. Thermal inkjet (TIJ) is a cartridge-based print technology that offers a low total cost of ownership. With options for a single print head or as many as four print heads, thermal inkjet printers can be used for alphanumeric codes, linear bar codes and 2D codes. You can also print simple graphics and logos.

Thermal inkjet printer technology represents a significant advancement from the existing thermal inkjet printers on the market. It introduces a Cartridge Readiness System – a high speed shutter system which prevents ink from drying in the nozzle during production interruptions. This unique system eliminates problems associated with poor print quality resulting from line interruptions, ensuring that the code printed is always clean and high quality.

Key Features and Benefits

High speed, high resolution

  • Print high resolution text, barcodes and graphics on films, foils, plastics and coated stocks.
  • Create up to 13.5mm tall print height.
  • Drive two independent printheads with each controller to print more content when required.
  • Purpose-built fast drying MEK compatible thermal inkjet cartridge.


  • Linear print speeds of up to 102 meters per minute.
  • High speed shutter system ensures that line interruptions do not alter the print quality, ensuring the print system is ready when you are.
  • Cartridge change in less than 15 seconds.


  • Minimal maintenance with only the occasional wipe of the print array and shutter required.
  • No calibration procedures or tuning required.
  • No wear parts that require periodic replacement.
  • Single intuitive colour touchscreen interface for easy job selection and diagnostics.

Designed to code on hard to print surfaces, the thermal inkjet coders utilises a purpose-built inkjet cartridge and delivers print resolutions up to four times greater than continuous inkjet solutions. The thermal inkjet coders can print either simple text or more complex marks for a range of applications in the packaged food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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