Student Home Moving Kit

Parents of students, we can help take the stress out of children leaving home for college. Our student moving kit containing 10 strong cardboard boxes, plus essential packaging extras, is the affordable and complete answer to packaging their belongings, giving you – and them – one less thing to worry about. Our student moving boxes are strong and flat-packed so can be reused whenever necessary.

Moving Kit Contents:

  • 3 x small cardboard boxes (ideal for books) - 12x12x12"
  • 5 x general moving boxes (multi-depth) - 18x12x12"
  • 2 x archive storage boxes (with separate lids) - 14.5x11x10"
  • 300 mm x 25 m bubble wrap
  • 2 x 65m FREE rolls packing tape (brown)
  • 1 FREE marker pen that you can use for labeling

We give you our guarantee that the cardboard moving boxes contained in this kit are top quality double wall cardboard boxes, unlike many company's offering inferior single wall boxes which will not be strong enough for your move. *Excludes archive storage boxes.

Our student moving kits contain cardboard moving boxes, archive storage boxes with separate lids and packaging accessories, perfect for young people leaving home. The student moving packs are ideal whether you’re going to college, into nursing accommodation or moving into your first flat.

There’s no need to buy an expensive and bulky trunk. Our student moving kits feature a good selection of flat-packed top quality double wall cardboard moving boxes with proven durability and strength to keep your belongings safe and secure. Easy to assemble, the packing boxes are easy to disassemble too and stow away for future reuse. Or stack them to maximise your storage space. Our general moving box sized 18x18x12" included in this moving kit has the added benefit of being multi-depth too. So, if you don't need the full height of this box, you can reduce it to 250mm or 200mm or keep it as the standard height of 305mm.

Specially designed to help students move to or from uni, college, nursing accommodation etc, with ease and convenience, the double-walled small cardboard boxes are great for carrying books while the single-walled archive storage boxes are ideal for documents and other lighter stuff.

For wrapping your delicate and fragile items, bubble wrap is also provided. Our 25 meter bubble wrap packing rolls are also available to purchase separately. Finally, our student moving pack is not complete without a roll of packing tape and a marker pen for labelling.

Making a university move has never been easier with our kit of 10 student moving boxes. For students with a large number of clothes, add our wardrobe boxes to the kit, and if you have posters you’ll need our poster tubes.

All The Packaging Supplies You Need For Moving House In One Place!

1-2 Bedroom Home Moving Kit in Bangalore

1-2 Bedroom Home Moving Kit

2-3 Bedroom Home Moving Kit in Bangalore

2-3 Bedroom Home Moving Kit

3-4 Bedroom Home Moving Kit in Bangalore

3-4 Bedroom Home Moving Kit

Student Home Moving Kit in Bangalore

Student Home Moving Kit