Stand Up Pouches

With the ever-increasing competition for supermarket shelf space, stand up pouches provide strong visual impact, which is essential for products aimed at the retail market.

Rissah Pack is a leading specialist of Stand up Pouches in the India for wholesale and retail businesses. We offer a wide range of stand up pouches for your packaging needs. They come in various sizes, colours and styles which includes the foil lined, oval window, one side foil and one side clear, clear /clear, jute look, high barrier stripped window pouches, Kraft paper and Oxo-biodegradable stand up resealable pouches.

Stand Up Pouches provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products like powders, granules, chemical products, cosmetics, hardware, foodstuffs, bait food, pet foods and a variety of other items. They provide excellent barrier properties against water vapour and oxygen, making them the preferred packaging option for a wide range of Industries where product freshness and shelf life are a priority.

At Rissah Pack we guarantee to offer flexible volumes for both stock and custom printed products, competitive prices and quick lead times. Through our professional print and design service, we are able to offer high quality and eye catching finished goods that will set your brand apart in the Market.

Typical Usage Applications

Our Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches are perfect for the storage of liquid/solid food and non-food items, such as:

  • Food based liquids such as Soups, Gravies and Sauces
  • Powders and Granules such as coffee, tea, sugar and salts
  • Chemical Products such as motoring fluid and cleaning products
  • Snacks and Confectionery such as sweets, toffees, crisps, popcorn and nuts
  • Cosmetics
  • Human Foodstuffs
  • Pet Foods
  • Fishing Baits
  • Microwaveable Foods