Shrink Film

From shrink film for packaging individual products to wide width high strength shrink film for industrial use. Pack Bazaar produce some of the most technically superior shrink films on the market, cost effectively.

Shrink film can perform a wide range of functions. Shrink film supplies from Pack Bazaar include some of the most innovative materials on the market today. We would like to stress that because we are not contractually committed to any given supplier, we are uniquely able to offer our customers the most up-to-date shrink films, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of their environmental credentials, be they recyclability or biodegradability.

Pack Bazaar’s heat shrink film material shrinks when heat is applied, tightly wrapping items packed within it, protecting and securing them.

We supply PVC, Polyolefin and Polythene shrink film in various sizes. Polythene shrink film is available as centre/multi folded, gusset shrink tubing and readymade covers on a roll. It is perfect for awkward shapes and can be cut to your required length.

Polyolenfin shrink film is a high gloss display packaging that can be used for food industries and cold storage.

Our PVC shrink wrap film is a cost-effective solution which enhances the presentation of your products and only requires a low temperature for it to shrink.

We recommend you apply heat by using a tunnel or a heat gun. Packability also supply Shrink Equipment and Shrink Heat Sealers amongst our products in the Stretch, Shrink & Palletising section.

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