Semi Automatic Capping Machine

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Semiautomatic Capper for ROPP (Burglar-Proof) Aluminum Metal Screw Caps Tamper Evident Capping. The Semiautomatic Capper for ROPP Metal Caps is a versatile, powerful, and easy to use capper that securely affixes aluminum screw caps onto glass, PP, PE, PET and/or metal bottles.

Advantages of the Semiautomatic Capper:

  • Reduced Risk of Leakage, Product Contamination, and Evaporation
  • Improved Product Uniformity, Consistency, and Appearance
  • Tamper Evident Seal
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue
  • Increased Production Speeds

The capping operation is extremely simple: The operator inserts the bottle, with the cap already in position, into the capper’s container base. The capper lifts the container into the capping head/forming wheel, where the cap is pressed onto the bottle and four threading rollers shape the perimeter of the cap. At that point the bottle is capped. The operator can now retrieve the finished bottle to repeat the process with a new one.

Typical applications include: Beverages, Lubricants, Carbonated Drinks, Wine, Spirits, Essences, Hot Fill, Pharmaceuticals, Oils, Vinegar, Coffee, Syrups, Homeopatics, Seasonings, Marinades, Sauces, Retort, Nutraceuticals, Pet Products, Fertilizers, Additives, etc.

Capper Features:

  • For Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) Aluminum Metal Screw Caps
  • ROPP caps prevent pilferage by the use of an integrated tamper-evident (burglar-proof) bands
  • Compatible with ROPP tamper-evident caps with tear off ring, breakaway, or stay-with tamper-evident safety bands
  • Speeds up to 20 pcs/min (depending on operator speed)
  • Cap diameter: Up to 28 mm Ø (0.71 inches Ø)
  • Bottle height 100 to 300 mm H (3.93 to 11.81 inches H)
  • Capping Head equipped with four threading rollers
  • Electro-mechanic operation
  • Simple to use - Minimal operator training
  • All-metal construction
  • Adjustable top and bottom container guides

Other Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110 VAC/50-60Hz
  • Machine Power: 370 W
  • Machine Size: 546 x 18 x 930 mm (21.5 x 7 x 36.5"H)
  • Machine Boxed Size (48 Inches x 40 Inches x 15 Inches)
  • Machine Boxed Weight: 168 Lbs