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Rotomrent has a wide range of rolling containers for hire. Roll containers are indispensable for a smooth and fast logistics process. The transport of goods is made a lot easier by these logistic means! The containers are widely deployable in various sectors such as the food industry, retail and within supermarkets. The side gates are usually provided with a metal mesh construction, these provide sturdiness. In addition, the roll containers have a metal or plastic base.

Rotomrent has a wide range, with more than 20 types of roll containers and dollies. Each model has unique properties. Do you find it difficult to find the best match yourself? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

2-Sided Roll Container

The 2-sided roll container is the simplest and most used roll container. In simple terms, the roll container is equipped with two walls and an underlying platform. Rotomrent also rents out nestable 2-sided roll containers, these are space-saving. This roll container can be used for a wide range of purposes but is mainly popular in supermarkets.

3-Sided Roll Container

The 3-sided roll container is a standard roll container with two sides and an additional rear side which makes it easier and better to stack contents. Large quantities of goods can be transported safely without the risk of falling or being damaged. This type of roll container is rented by supermarkets, airports, hospitals and distribution centres. The roll containers are nestable in A-shape and L-shape, which offers enormous space savings.

4-Sided Roll Container / Laundry Containers

The 4-sided roll containers, also known as laundry containers, are equipped with three sides and come with a half fold down front gate. These roll containers offer a good solution for temporary transport of goods that need extra protection. These laundry containers are often rented by hospitals, hotels and dry cleaners, because they are ideal to be used to transport large quantities of laundry and linen internally. Thanks to the semi-retractable front gate, picking and stacking the laundry is extra easy.

Anti-Theft Roll Container

This type of roll container offers the possibility to close the container completely and protect products against theft. The load capacity of these roll containers varies from 400 to 600 kg. These roll containers are ideal for temporary transport of valuable goods. Rotomrent rents out roll containers with a metal or plastic roll base.

Nestable Roll Containers

In the case of nestable roll containers, the hinged frame ensures that the roll containers can slide into each other and a considerable amount of space can be saved during storage. Nestable roll cages are very simple, efficient and practical to use.

Isothermal Containers

Isothermal roll containers are insulated roll containers that are particularly suitable for warehouses and producers active in the food industry. These rolling containers are suitable for the temporary transport of goods that are not allowed to exceed a certain temperature for several hours. Rotomrent rents out isotherm containers with a capacity of 563L or 768L.

Rent an isotherm container to keep your food or medicine cool during transport, for example, with these iso containers, you can keep your goods completely cool for a few hours, in combination with a cooling element.

Dolly or Rolling Platform

A dolly or rolling platform is very mobile and easy to use. Dolly’s are available in plastic or metal, in various sizes. The dollies are ideal for quickly moving bins or crates and extremely useful for temporary internal transport. The dollies are widely used and are often rented in the rental sector, the logistics sector and the do-it-yourself sector.

Rotomrent has the right type of roll container to rent for every challenge. Do you find it difficult to make the right choice? No problem! Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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