Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapping Machine

The RING/A series, with rotating ring and automatic hook-up and cutting film, motorized conveyor, stabilizer press and photocell is built with different ring diameters (mm. 300-500-900-1200-1500-1800-2000) and is suitable for winding of stretch film products of different shapes and sizes as profiles wood, plastic and metal, aluminum extrusions, plastic tubing, fabric, cardboard boxes, shutters, awnings, wooden or metal panels, doors, doors, furniture of all kinds.

The introduction of products to be packaged is automatic, progress is beginning on conveyor belts driven cycle is controlled by photocells. The rotation speed and conveyor speed are adjustable by inverter. The stability of the products during the winding is ensured by the adjustable side guides and the stabilizer press. All operations are controlled by PLC Omron and with the keyboard can be select 8 different wrapping programs.

Technical Properties

  • Rotating steel group unit, high load capacity with dragging on wheels.
  • Group reel and return roller with adjustable clutch mechanically (for constant film tensioning).
  • Hooking/cutting of film and automatic positioning of reel.
  • Winding laps number at the head and tail variables.
  • Electronically turning speed variable via potentiometer.
  • Electronically variable conveyor speedvia potentiometer.
  • Supply voltage 220V 50 Hz (others on request).
  • Working air pressure: 6 bar.
  • Keyboard display settings for data.
  • N°8 programs of different bandins, with variable programmable keyboard.
  • Predisposition for inserting in a work line automatic.
  • Automatic pneumatic vertical pressures with idlers.

Ring Stretch Wrapper Specifications:


  • Production/ Speed: 200 meters/hour *
  • Min. packing size: 250 x 60 mm
  • Max. packing size: 650 x 150 mm
  • Packing length: 3000 mm


  • Ring diameter: 1000 mm
  • Ring speed: 35 rpm (max.)
  • Max. stretch: 255% (Fixed)
  • Drive: Servo
  • Installed power: 2 kW
  • Power supply: 415V, 3phase , 50Hz

Film Details

  • Number of rolls: 2
  • Material: LLDPE - Stretch Film
  • Film width: 250 mm
  • Film thickness: 23µ
  • Core diameter: 76 mm
  • Maximum film diameter: 200 mm

Warranty Information:

Free 24 months parts, 12 months labour & travel warranty (terms & conditions apply). Extend your warranty for up to 5 years for long term peace of mind.