Pre Molded Foam Packaging

Produce Expanding Cushions that Mould Perfectly to the Shape of your Products.

Prefabricated to a specific dimension to provide customers with precise, consistent cushioning and void-fill in places that need it the most.

Premold polyurethane protective packaging from Pack Bazaar offers a sound choice over other types of preformed protective packaging, wrapping or cushioning materials. With our efficient, cost-saving mold design and creation process, secure custom fit product protection, and the prospect of faster, easier packing, you benefit from multiple improvements to your packaging process.

Conscientious Design Combined With Maximum Product Protection

We design your premold protective packaging to reduce dunnage and minimize package size for DIM weight efficiencies. A variety of foam densities are available to provide the correct cushioning protection for a wide range of products. Your premold packaging can be created to pass most ISTA testing methods, plus we offer certain testing simulations at our facility. You’ll find we have extremely high customer satisfaction due to the damage-free arrival of products.

Our Efficient CAD Design and Tooling Process Saves You Time and Money

Using a state-of-the-art CAD system, our experienced design staff renders an accurate design concept from your provided CAD drawing of a product. This method minimizes errors and allows a design tolerance of 1/32" to insure your product fits perfectly into the finished cushion.

We’re able to provide a complete printed proof for your review before you spend any money on sample tooling. Our drawings are detailed, showing 3-D renderings of each foam part, critical dimensions, and even the carton size and packing process. Any necessary adjustments can be easily made then presented in a revised printed proof accompanied by an estimate.

Pack Bazaar's premold polyurethane solution provides you with accurate, custom molded packaging for very low tooling cost. You’re looking at a couple of hundred dollars per mold compared to the many thousands you would spend on tooling for EPS or EPP molds. Plus, unlike many of our competitors who build their molds by hand, we use CAM software and a CNC machine to build our molds. This process reduces lead-time on initial orders and provides consistency on duplicate molds.

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