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If you're packaging delicate powders, you need a vertical filler. These powder filling machines are designed to package products that are hard to transport and control with a conveyor system. You'll find semi-automatic auger filler machines, auger powder elevators and sachet VFFS for powders. Whether you designed a new production facility that will be processing hard-to-handle powders or you're replacing older inefficient machinery, this filling equipment for powdered products will streamline and enhance your entire operation.

Semi-automatic auger filler machines ensure highly accurate fills of products such dry milk, sugar, spices, ground coffee, detergents, and flour. Features include large hopper capacities, stainless steel or PTFE construction and easy operation and cleaning. Automatic vertical form, fill and seal machines (VFFS systems) offer complete automation, from forming a bag from the roll stock to filling the product from a dispenser to securing sealing the bag. These machines are highly reliable and can be used with powders, coffee, cereals, candies, and many other products. They can also be used with volumetric dispensers, auger fillers and weighers. There are models that are designed for non-free flowing dry powders, and the machines include hot stamping coders for identification.

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