Polypropylene Strapping Kit

This portable polypropylene strapping kit comes in a plastic dispenser box that can be easily carried around a warehouse or factory. Use the polypropylene strapping tool to tension and seal your strap with a crimped seal closure. The polypropylene strapping tool can be used horizontally, making it ideal for strapping cartons, light pallets and general purpose flat pack applications.

Polypropylene strapping easily conforms to awkward shapes, does not corrode and is resistant to abrasion and ageing, making this portable strapping kit ideal for pack shops and smaller strapping operations.

This portable strapping kit contains: 1 coil of blue polypropylene strapping in a dispenser box. Strapping width 12 mm, thickness 0.6 mm, length 750m. Breaking strain of 130kg. 1 polypropylene tensioner and sealer strapping tool. 250 semi-open metal seals.

Dispenser box dimensions: 355x 255 x 170 mm.

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