Plastic Pallets Rental

Budgets are tight. This is why we offer comprehensive rental programs to fit your shipping needs. There are no hidden costs and rentals are based on a per transaction fee, instead of being time-based.

Renting your pallets allows your business to free up working capital for use in other areas of your business. Avoid the investment and headaches of total asset ownership. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you. We will track and manage the pallets and worry about the retrieval process. Our job is to ensure you always have pallets ready and available for your use right when you need them.

Prefer to lease your pallets on a time basis? We can accommodate that too.

Have your own assets but need someone else to manage them? No problem! Contact Pack Bazaar to provide your logistical and pooling services to protect your assets with a closed loop system.

Achieving your packaging sustainability goals has never been easier

  • Your customers will not have to worry about disposing of any pallets.
  • Packaging waste will be reduced as all of the pallets will be picked up and reused again.
  • Your downstream operations can be standardized on a clean, uniform, nail-free plastic pallet.
  • All your product shipments can be delivered safely on a durable, returnable plastic pallet.
  • You will be using an environmental product as all Perfect Manufacturing pallets are manufactured with 100% recycled plastics.
  • Pack Bazaar Pallets are 100% recyclable, so even when a pallet becomes unusable there will be no waste.
  • Your customers will be ecstatic as they will also benefit from being able to accept your product on a lightweight, consistent sized pallet.

Our closed loop rental program is hassle-free

  • There are no hidden costs - all prices detailed upfront.
  • Rentals are based on a per transaction fee and not time based.
  • All the transportation and pickup of pallets are taken care of for you.
  • No year end surprise charges - Our customer representatives will track all the transactions with our unique Asset Management system where you will be constantly kept up to date on charges.
  • Your customer does not need to be a Pack Bazaar customer and will not be charged for receiving the pallet.

* Rental options are only available upon approval.

Benefits of Renting

Save Money - Keep capital budgets intact and enjoy the profits generated from the machine's output. Rental payments can be classified as operational expenses, which can free up money for other capital expenditures.

Save Time - Since Pack Bazaar’s rental equipment is immediately available, we can reduce the go-to-market time for new product launches. Be up and running while the competition is still figuring out how to get product on the shelf!

Save Space - Stop having surplus equipment from failed projects taking up valuable warehouse space. Renting reduces the risk of having used processing or packaging machinery sitting idle.

Rental Terms

  • All equipment rentals are subject to a 10% security deposit.
  • All equipment rentals require a 3-month minimum rental commitment.
  • All rental applications are subject to credit check and available only to those companies with acceptable credit rating and with accounts in good standing.
  • Any equipment rented must be returned in equal condition as when shipped and must be returned properly crated/skidded (in the same crate or on the same skid) as when originally shipped or there will be a skid/crate charge.

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