Paper Wrap Dispenser

The convenient eco paper wrap dispenser, used with patented die cut Kraft wrapping paper and tissue paper, offers you a superb natural alternative to plastic bubble wrap or packing foam. With its attractive organic finish, paper wrap protective packaging is perfect for retail, business and industry when wrapping fragile products, glass, china, pharmaceuticals, electrical, and household goods.

Please note: The Manual Dispenser is a permanent solution which will take your choice of rolls of paper and tissues paper, which can be replaced at any time.

Our paper wrap dispenser is portable and easily operated, with no need for electricity. It works by simply using tension to expand die-cut white or brown wrapping paper into a 3-D honeycomb structure, forming an extremely effective shock-absorbent paper “bubble wrap”. This is dispensed on demand, complete with scratch-resistant white or black tissue paper interleaf.

Our paper wrap dispenser produces an all-round paper packaging solution that gives you a realistic green option. The Pack Bazaar WrapPack system can be used for protective wrapping, cushioning or block and brace void fill, as it creates an extraordinarily strong but flexible kind of protective packaging.

This dispenser is to be used in conjunction with our Pack Bazaar paper rolls and our white tissue or black interleaf tissue paper. You will need two rolls of paper (250m, expanding to 420m) to one roll of the tissue paper (840m long).

Paper Wrap Eco Packaging Dispenser is:

  • Portable.
  • Operated manually.
  • Weighs 15 kg.
  • Measures 660mm wide x 315mm depth and is 490mm high.

It has paper holders for a Kraft white or brown paper roll, horizontally die-cut into thousands of slits, and a roll of black or white tissue paper (the paper is sold separately).

You create your packaging as and when you need it, simply by pulling the two papers through the paper wrap machine which then expands the Kraft paper into an attractive 3-D honeycombed cell structure while simultaneously dispensing a smooth layer of tissue.

Because the packing paper is so strong, the honeycomb wrap is remarkably shock-absorbent. It is able to cushion your packages from hard knocks and drops, and keep contents of parcels in place. Yet it is also malleable, so you can easily tear off as much as required and mould it around items. The tissue interleaf protects goods from scratches. You don’t need scissors or packing tape as you can secure the wrapping by intertwining the angled cells together.

The Pack Bazaar eco paper wrap dispenser and papers offer a clean, fresh and environmentally responsible packing solution that combines efficiency with pleasing presentation.

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