Notched Angle Board

Notched Angle Board are an effective way to provide excellent protection to curved edges. They are ideal for use on products such as tables and chairs as well as circular objects like metal drums or a large rolls of material as it stops the edges from being scratched or damaged if the product is placed down on its end.

These highly versatile Angle Board are very efficient to use and can be easily cut to size to suit many applications. Made from recycled board, Notched Angle Board is an environmentally friendly product that is helping to reduce the impact on the environment and it is 100% recyclable. Notched Angle Board is a flexible edge protector with wall thicknesses of 2 to 5 mm and standard lengths of up to 5,700 mm. The edge protectors are available in all versions of the angular edge protectors – uneven side lengths are also available.

Continuously punched and thus especially flexible it takes care of optimal protection of your arched or curved shipping goods. We align the number and positions of the punching corresponding to your shipping goods – for tailor-made protection. In combination with corrugated cardboard rounds, Notched Angle Board is ideal for paper reels.

Provides The Goods With Protection Against Damage

Laminated cardboard edge protectors protect against potential damage caused in the course of loading and transportation, thus preventing any unnecessary damage-related costs.

Notched edge protectors are suitable for round and oval-shaped goods, as well as for goods of various shapes, allowing flexible covering of external and internal corners.

  • Notched angle board protects round edges of goods.
  • Notched angle board protects round corners.
  • Both internal as well as external edges of goods can be protected simultaneously.
  • Densely perforated notched angle board allows to protect the fringes of gaps with small diameters.
  • Notched angle board helps to protect round edges of goods.
  • Notched angle board is suitable for protecting the edges in different shapes.
  • Perforated notched angle board with a suitable step can flexibly help to protect round and straight edges.
  • The client is able to order the necessary step density of the notched angle board to protect edges and corners.

Your Benefits

  • High flexibility
  • Customised protection, oriented at shipping goods
  • Available in all versions of the angular edge protectors – uneven side lengths are also available
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

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