Machine Stretch Film

Technologically Superior, Stronger & Cheaper. Our Machine Pallet Wrap Range Is Second To None. Superior Load Retention, Puncture Resistance, Toughness & Stretch Capability All Reduce Costs.

Are you looking for 100% recyclable machine wrap stretch film you can always depend on? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our machine stretch film is produced with the highest quality blends of virgin polymers.

Entirely water resistant, our machine wrap stretch film can be applied by machine with rotating bases or on conveyor operated automated stretch wrapping machines. Plus it’s available in industry recommended sizes, thicknesses and strengths for machine rolls.

Our state-of-the-art cast film production process ensures optimum precision and high yields coupled with significant savings, which we pass on to you.

Helping to secure supply chains throughout India

Our premium packaging solutions are loved by a wide range of customers, from medium-sized independent companies to globally recognised blue-chip firms. Offering the highest cast machine stretch film yields anywhere in India, our products help to secure supply chains and improve the efficiency of distribution lines around the world.

Quick and easy, high-volume application

Machine stretch film is essential for quick and easy high volume application in a production line environment. Suitable for a number of commercial applications, our cast machine stretch film offers maximum efficiency while minimising labour and packaging costs.

Our range of products is suitable for automated, semi-automated and single pallet machines, while our Strecken India Guarantee ensures practical pallet protection throughout storage and transportation.

Reduce your packaging costs by up to 20%

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a supply chain are essential to its success. Our superior machine stretch film offers more than pallet protection; it offers direct savings of up to 20%.

Our exclusive polymer Polylite is 20% lighter than traditional polythene, yet it offers the same incredible strength. So you save up to 20% on your packaging costs, while sending less waste to landfill.

To increase your green credentials even further, choose Polyair. Fully recyclable, this carbon negative material is the greenest product we know.

Contact Pack Bazaar to discover how much you can reduce your costs while decreasing your environmental impact by swapping to our exclusive polymers.

The benefits of our five-layer cast stretch film

Our power cast machine stretch film is a five-layer cast film manufactured using a cast extrusion process for greater clarity and superior tear resistance. This enables a minimum down-gauge of 13%, allowing you to maximise your yield, while keeping your products safely protected.

For increased security during transportation, shrink wrap your pallets.

Stretch Wrap and Films Range

Sizes: 50mm to 2000m wide / Thicknesses: 12.5µm to 100µm

Stretch Wrap and Films can be supplied:

Printed up to 8 colour


The price of polymer is determined by the price of oil, which changes all the time. Call our sales team on 9008185267 to discuss your requirements. They will be able to give you the best price over the phone, and will answer any questions you may have.

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