Instapak Quick RT® Foam Packaging

All The Cost-Saving Benefits Of Foam-In-Bag Packaging In A Convenient Compact System.

The Ultimate in Product Protection: Offers all the protection of Instapak® foam during shipping, warehousing and general handling.

Easy-to-Use: In minutes, anyone can become a packaging expert.

Versatile: Economically and efficiently protects products of almost any size, shape and weight.

Fast: Expands in seconds to form custom-fit cushions.

Space-Efficient: The equivalent of a room full of packaging material can be stored in a single carton.

Convenient: Just-in-time packaging for any size company.

Customer Satisfaction: Your customer receives your product damage-free in a neat professional package.

Create Protective Foam Cushions in Four Simple Steps

Instapak Quick® foam requires minimal training and is easy to use.

  1. Select a warm bag and apply pressure to the “Press Here” area to open the inside seal.
  2. Pat part “A” and part “B” back and forth and the bag will begin to expand.
  3. Place the expanding foamfilled bag in the shipping carton and nestle the product onto the cushion.
  4. Place a second expanding bag on top of the product and close the carton flaps, creating a top cushion.

Instapak Quick® packaging offers the superior cushioning properties of Instapak® foam without a large up-front investment. It's portability makes it perfect for use in cell manufacturing locations and in mailroom facilities.

The Most Versatile System On The Market

The Instapak Quick® foam-in-bag packaging system offers a variety of foam densities, bag sizes, bulk options and warmer sizes.

Space Saving

One Quick Bulk™ box of #80 bags can produce packaging for up to 60 cartons. Your products are protected and you save valuable operating space.

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