Inflatable Bubble Wrap Machine

Inflatable bubble wrap machine is the next generation of on-demand inflatable cushioning systems. From custom shapes and patterns to enhance the consumer unboxing experience to heavy-duty inflatables designed to maximize damage protection, the inflatable bubble wrap machine harnesses the power of air to meet the rigorous demands of parcel shipping.

Inflatable bubble wrap machine produces air cushioning bubble wrap at speeds fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. All inflatable materials include Pack Bazaar's barrier bubble technology which maximizes the inflation in every cell for superior damage protection even over longer ship cycles and warehousing. This maximum inflation reduces the amount of wrapping materials needed to provide superior damage protection.

The system is RoHS compliant and manufactured for long-life system reliability. The compact footprint (less than 2 square ft) works well in almost any environment. Inflatable bubble wrap machine fits on a tabletop or can be mounted on a table side stand freeing up valuable floor and storage space. Material is lightweight and inflates on-site, reducing the amount of storage space needed for bulky packaging materials.

Inflate only what’s needed, when it’s needed

On-Demand Bubble Wrap

Inflatable bubble wrap is a flexible, protective air-cellular solution that can be inflated on-demand in whatever quantity is required. Shipped flat, stored flat, and ready when you need it, inflatable bubble wrap drastically reduces the impact of freight costs and carries a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Inflating Bubble Wrap

By inflating at the point of use, Inflatable bubble wrap can REDUCE the number of trucks required to supply a customer’s operation by nearly 97%.

Choose your bubble wrap from our wide range of High Quality Standard Bubble Wrap

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