Inflatable Air Pillow Film

Inflatable Air pillow film is an on-demand inflatable void fill solution that protects durable goods. Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications.

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the film is extremely strong, impact and abrasion resistant. The film is ecologically friendly and is recyclable, providing excellent protection and efficient void-fill while reducing material and shipping costs. They are moisture, stain, and odor resistant. Air pillow cushions have perforated sections allowing cushioning to be sized to each individual packaging need.

Inflatable Air pillows are a high bulk, puncture reisistant void fill aternative to bubble wrap films. The cushions are created using one of our Air Pillow machines from a roll of perforared film on demand, saving on much needed space within your warehouse.

In addition to stabilizing products, inflatable air pillows help to minimize freight charges and present a clean, professional-looking package. They are available in a variety of sizes, and are compatible with semi-automatic or fully automatic inflatable packaging systems that can be used at standalone workstations or as part of larger, in-line packaging operations.

Inflatable air pillows can be reused and are 100% recyclable, making them a responsible choice for many packaging facilities.


Air cushion film is mainly used in transport packaging. Besides, it can be used in packaging of luggage, handbags, liquid product, electronics, circuit board, book, medicine, cosmetic, instrument, ceramic, art ware,household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glass work and precise instrument and so on. Almost all products can be protected effectively by this air filling cushion packaging.

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