Gravity Roller Conveyors

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The concept of gravity roller conveyors has been around since the beginnings of recorded history. It is thought that the roller technique was used in the construction of the Pyramids and Stonehenge, amongst other things. Whilst the principle remains the same, we at Pack Bazaar Conveyors like to think that we have refined the system considerably since ancient times!

A major attraction of roller conveyors in general is the low capital cost, combined with negligible maintenance cost. Short of an all-out attack by a fork-lift truck or similar, there is very little that can go wrong with them. Individual components – such as the rollers – can be easily and cheaply replaced in the event of accidental damage.

We can offer roller beds made from plastic, mild steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel rollers depending on the sort of load and usage you require, and on what environment you wish to operate the machine in. (for outdoor use we would normally recommend galvanized rollers at the very least, for example). We can also offer a choice of semi-precision, or fully-precision roller bearings, again depending on anticipated load and usage.

All of our machines are custom-built for each customer, and hence can be “pre-set” at any desired height or angle of slope. They can also be fitted with variable-height feet to allow both adjustment of overall height, as well as minor adjustments to slope angle. For larger adjustments, we can additionally fit the units with variable-angle legs, or even telescopic legs.

Roller units can also be powered, with options of LineShaft-Drive roller conveyors for lightweight (up to 20Kg or so) packages, which can also incorporate accumulation.

Alternatively, Chain Driven Roller Conveyors are available for heavier loads, including pallets etc.

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