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Packaging dry, granular products like rice and grain can be tricky, since these items are difficult to control and transport over a conveyor system. That's why we offer a range of volumetric filling machines, VFFS and bucket elevators. This type of equipment is better suited for weighing and packing granular materials.

Otherwise known as auger fillers, volumetric filling machines can be used for granular materials such as dry beans. They work by measuring the product's volume rather than its flow or weight, and will dispense uniform quantities. Using one of these machines in your production line will streamline your entire operation and boost efficiency.

An automatic vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine offers speed and efficiency. This system forms a bag from its roll stock, accepts the project from a dispenser, fills the bag and then securely seals it. Features include heavy duty stainless steel design and easy operation. With a bucket elevator, the bulk product is separated into smaller quantities, raised to a higher elevation, and fed onto other packaging equipment. There's a large hopper, a linear conveyor, and a series of buckets on chains. Stainless steel construction is used for long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. Bucket elevators are recommended for the transporting of light and granular products.

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