Floor Marking Tape

When you need to mark or clearly point out a hazardous area or dangerous object, our floor marking tape is the perfect thing to use – indoors or outdoors. Floor marking tape is an inexpensive, easy and fast way to identify physical hazards and is often used as a floor marking tape. It works equally on walls and stairs, pieces of equipment or hazardous objects, and adheres well to dry, clean surfaces.

Our floor marking tape is made of vinyl and is strong enough to prevent lifting.

The black and yellow stripes of our floor marking tape are highly visible and universally recognised as signalling danger. The warning tape is an ideal self adhesive tape for marking dangerous stairs, walls, floors and other areas. It can be used as a lane marking tape, safety floor tape or aisle marking tape.

Black and yellow floor marking tape has many applications and is widely used in work areas and construction industries, as well as for safety and law enforcement. Strong and durable, the lane marking tape is also invaluable when marking direction signs, parking areas and pedestrian pathways. As a floor marking tape it’s good for marking pinch points on equipment and machinery too.

Our durable black and yellow floor marking PVC warning tape is supplied in packs of 6 rolls of 33m self-adhesive tape, 50mm wide. Quick and simple to use, our floor marking tape sticks well and is easy to remove when necessary.