Electronic Paper Tape Dispenser

Our ergonomically designed electric gummed tape dispenser is the ideal solution for sealing cardboard boxes in a busy mailing room. The automatic system speeds up packing while the gummed paper tape produces a strong durable seal that’s both economical and tamper-evident. A heavy-duty self-oiling blade ensures consistent cutting.

Offering real flexibility of use, this paper tape dispenser can be used for either plain or reinforced tape up to 70mm wide and it has a fully programmable control system so that you can key in desired gummed tape lengths up to 305 cm (10 ft), perfect for sealing extra large cartons.

This gummed tape dispenser is the perfect partner for your gummed paper tape. Its automatic feature, which allows you to set specific tape lengths (up to 305 cm) and then dispenses them automatically, is a boon for any high-volume packing station. The operator has full control: programmable keys mean that you can fine-tune the tape length in 12.7 mm segments up or down, and there is also a random length key for dispensing the tape to any length.

Our electric dispenser has been designed and built with both safety and ease of use in mind. It is supplied with an extra-long detachable electric cord, is easily mounted on a work bench and can be operated from either side. The self-oiling blade of this heavy duty electronic gummed tape dispenser allows for quick, neat, and consistent cutting of both plain and reinforced paper tape up to 70mm in width.

Gummed paper tape has become the favourite packing and sealing choice of many businesses because it is time-efficient, effective, economical and environmentally-friendly. Whilst being 100% recyclable, this type of packing tape creates more than a secure surface seal. Activated by water, it penetrates into the cardboard box’s fibre and then becomes an integral part of the carton. Because of this, it cannot be removed without leaving behind traces of damage – so it also functions as a tamper-evident tape. Gummed paper tape is also durable and highly resistant to varying temperatures and humidity, so is ideal for export uses.

A gummed tape dispenser with water chamber is the most effective way to apply this excellent packaging tape. Our electric dispenser moistens, cuts and dispenses and because it is automatic will make the packing process even easier and faster.

Phoenix E-1 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Kraft paper reinforced gummed tape is the best solution to closing and sealing boxes.

Why use multiple strips of plastic tape? One piece of water activated tape is all you need. If you are pricing the tape by the foot, don't forget to factor the extra pieces your operators use to seal the carton. With triple brush moistening system, the dried tape glues are instantly reactivated for bonding to the cartons flaps. In addition to the triple brushes, the E-1 uses adjustable water level, weights, and top heater.

A gummed tape machine is a staple for every packing and shipping department!


  • Dispensing Speed: Up to 40" per second
  • Water Bottle Capacity: 1 Liter
  • Shipping Weight 32 lbs.
  • Power Requirements: 120v
  • Tape Width: 1.5" up to 3"
  • Maximum Roll Size: 8" diameter roll
  • Factory Warranty: One Year Parts

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