Edge & Corner Protectors

Edge Protectors and Corner Protectors provide a cost-effective solution for protecting packaged items whilst in storage or transit. An edge protector is ideal for use with high tension strapping. We supply individual rigid corner pieces available in small, large, extra-large and super large sizes.

Cardboard and moisture resistant protectors offer protection from straps cutting into packaged goods and box edges. They also prevent loads from slipping when fixed via banding or pallet wrap. Corrugated corner protectors are an excellent option if you are looking for more shock absorption.

We stock a variety of foam edge and corner protectors, depending on what you need, foam protectors can be used on a variety of furniture, equipment, machinery, glass panes and more.

Both closed and open plastic corner protectors offer a low-cost solution to protecting your items in transit. Perfect for exposed corners, wood and laminated items. Expanding corner protectors offer a size adjustable profile, so you can ensure you get the perfect fit.

Snap off protectors are perforated for easy tear-off and are available to order per roll (in a box). Another great option if you’re looking to protect carton edges when strapping is being used.

Pack Bazaar supply a range of edge and corner profiles including; eco-friendly edge protectors and expanding corner protectors. Other protective packaging products are also available.

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