Coloured Adhesive Tapes

Our premium quality vinyl and polypropylene coloured adhesive tapes are a superb carton sealing solution, particularly when needed for identification purposes in shipping or storage. They instantly on board, paper and other clean dry surfaces.

Choose from seven different colours in vinyl, and eight colours in polypropylene, perfect for colour coding cardboard boxes and packages. With a semi-gloss finish, our coloured tape can be written on with permanent markers.

You’ll find a host of general purpose applications for our coloured adhesive tape in the warehouse, office or home in addition to colour coding when packaging or stock taking. You could use the red adhesive tape to emphasise danger in your premises such as electrical equipment, or mark safety items, like fire extinguishers, with the blue tape or green tape.

For school craft projects or decoration add pink, yellow, orange and white tape to your range, while black adhesive tape might be used for patching as well as sealing.

Our adhesive tape is marvellous for packing house moving cartons, such as red tape for the kitchen moving boxes and yellow adhesive tape for the bathroom items. We even have black and yellow striped hazard tape / warning tape to mark or emphasise hazardous areas.