Cardboard Shredder

Convert surplus cardboard boxes into supple mats which are perfect for protection and void fill for all types of goods in transit.

Turn your used cardboard packaging into bulk void fill or protective matting material for your orders with our Pack Bazaar Cardboard Shredders, reducing costs and volume of disposal, and providing free, environmentally friendly packing material.

Finest Commercial Corrugated Shredder! The Pack Bazaar Shredders is rugged, rugged, rugged capable of operating 24 hours per day, 5 or 6 days per week. The challenge to Green the planet begins and ends with the hard charging Pack Bazaar cardboard shredders. The Pack Bazaar Shredder is the environmentally friendly shredder that demonstrates your organizations’ commitment to Green Solutions!

Green is Clean (And Always Has Been!) Green & Eco-Friendly The Pack Bazaar Shredders give you the opportunity to jump on board with the latest and best technology in cardboard packaging. The Pack Bazaar Shredders are world leaders…turn regular cardboard into green, friendly cost-effective packaging.

Anecdotal evidence of many end users is that shipping damages disappear due to packaging made from these shredders. That is a benefit too difficult to measure…the happy customer who does not complain about shipping damaged merchandise. The Pack Bazaar cardboard shredder is ideal for taking stiff and heavy cardboard boxes and turning it into the best cushioning material for shipping departments, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and warehouses.

Go Green, Reduce Costs And Save The Environment!

  • Reduce your packaging costs
  • Save on Cardboard Disposal cost
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and User-Friendly
  • No pre-cutting required
  • Perfect for void fill & wrapping
  • Small Footprint
  • Dust extraction outlet built in

The new energy-efficient packaging machines

Energy-efficient drive technology thanks to the use of a frequency converter. 30% energy saving with same output!

  • High motor torque even at low speeds
  • High dynamics
  • High degree of efficiency
  • Low-maintenance
  • And above all energy efficiency!

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Cardboard Shredder Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore

Cardboard Shredder Machine