Bucket Elevator

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Efficiently and safely takes dry product in bulk, separates it into manageable quantities, and vertically raises product to a higher elevation where it can be fed onto other conveyors, packaging/processing equipment, or storage systems. The bucket elevator consists of a primary hopper equipped with a linear vibratory conveyor which feeds product into a series of buckets that are attached to a set of two motorized stainless steel chains, all protected within a stainless steel enclosure. These versatile machines come integration-ready to easily become a part of an automated process chain. The system is particularly well suited to transport granular and light products.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual Motorized Stainless Steel Chains
  • Discharge Height: 320 cm
  • Exit Funnel Opening Diameter: 7 inches Ø
  • Integrated product entry hopper, equipped with linear vibrating discharge and adjustable frequency controller (pictured), is available as an option
  • Product Hopper Capacity: +/- 60 Liters
  • White Polypropylene Buckets
  • Total Bucket volume: +/- 0.65 Liters (Actual product conveyed per bucket will be less)
  • OMRON Brand Relays
  • Equipped with interlock safety switches (automatically disables the elevator if access door is opened)
  • When integrated to a packaging system, the elevator is actuated by the product dispensing machine
  • Machine Dimensions: 143" L x 32“ W x 152" H
  • Voltage: 220V/3Ph/50-60Hz