Biodegradable Garbage Bags

We offer strong clear or black biodegradable garbage bags / black bin liners that are suitable for bins of different sizes or can be used on their own. Our rubbish sacks are available in premium quality (regular, large and extra large) and heavy duty (large). They are perfect for general commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

Made from recycled materials, our plastic garbage bags are very strong with high capacity and suitable for everyday use. The high quality polythene won’t split or puncture easily, providing a perfect balance between strength and affordability.

A must-have for household and general waste, our black bags are also lightweight which makes them easy to carry and manage. The bin liners are ideal for cleaning purposes as they are perfect for disposing wet or heavy rubbish.

Our bin liners are environmentally friendly, being made from recycled low density polythene film, yet very strong and durable. The waste sacks are ideal for clearing general warehouse, office, retail, domestic and garden rubbish, and as black bin liners they keep the container sanitary.

Light and easy to manage, our rubbish bags are supplied in two varieties – premium quality refuse sacks in three sizes and heavy duty black plastic sacks in the large size.

Aside from domestic applications such as garden refuse bags, our rubbish sacks are also great for industrial and commercial uses.

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