Archive & Removal Boxes

Change is inevitable, especially in business, and having a reliable method of keeping track of each revision is vital for staying on top of how your business is evolving. That’s why we have an archive box to satisfy your every need, from simply filing documents or moving to a brand-new building to putting bank records in storage.

From bankers boxes, wardrobe removal boxes or double wall removal boxes we have removal and archive boxes to suit every purpose. All of them are flat packed for your convenience, easy to assemble and available for next day delivery. Looking for something specific? Our packaging specialists are happy to help with any requirements. In the meantime, you can have a look at our FAQs here.

Filing - get it all sorted

It can be a tedious process, filing and sorting all your documents – but an important one, nonetheless. Thankfully, there are archive storage boxes that will be perfect for any task.

Our file storage boxes are tough and stackable, so they’ll save you space on the removal truck during transit, and in your office as it sits in storage. What’s more, they’ll keep files safe from dust and dirt in storage until you need them – and have handy carry slots, so you can move them around your office or warehouse as needed. Labelling and marking your individual boxes are quick and easy thanks to the smooth paper finish on all our cardboard archive boxes.

Kept under StrongLok and key

Archiving your business’ items can be a tedious process and having to waste time fiddling with flimsy boxes just makes the task harder. At Pack Bazaar, we understand your time is a valuable commodity, which is why we’ve designed our StrongLok Archive Storage Boxes to be up to 50% faster to assemble than standard ones.

Our office storage boxes have double-glue seams for added strength and offer premium protection while on the move with triple-reinforced corrugate bases. So, you can stack, move and store your paper storage boxes knowing that they – and the items within them – are safe and sound.

All our boxes are made from strong corrugated cardboard with specially designed fluting to absorb any hits and crashes that can happen during the removal process. Read more about how corrugated cardboard is made to ensure that premium protection.

Reuse again and again

We’re proud to be green here at RAJA, which is why all our storage and removal boxes are 100% recyclable. But before you get to that stage, they’re made of strong, reliable materials and specially designed to collapse, so storage is simple and ready to be used again and again. Once they’ve served their purpose and are ready to be recycled, why not upcycle instead? Here are some of our tips on what to do with cardboard boxes to get further use out of them.

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